Kick-off New Politics Workshop, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), 13-14 February 2016.

Researchers and activists from fifteen countries met in Amsterdam with the aim to jointly draft the research agenda of the New Politics Platform. Hosted by the Transnational Institute (TNI), the participants came from political parties, trade unions, social movements, universities, research centres and universities in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Planning Workshop and New Politics Seminar, Buenos Aires (Argentina), 28-30 October 2017.

In the framework of an academic conference organised by the Institute for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (IEALC), the New Politics Platform organised a planning workshop and a series of debates on the relevance of this initiative for the region.

Seminar: New Politics and the political crisis, Cape Town (South Africa), 2-3 December 2017.

Activists and committed researchers from Southern Africa and invited resource persons from other regions of the world met during two days at the AIDC Solidarity Centre to share their perspectives on the current regional and global political crises.

New Politics Conference 2017: The Crisis of Politics and the Politics of Crisis, Cape Town (South Africa), 14-18 March 2017.

Development Centre (AIDC) and the Transnational Institute (TNI), the international conference has been structured as a three-day meeting of around 60 researchers, public intellectuals and social and political activists from around the world, preceded by a series of decentralised workshops hosted by local South African organisations.

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